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Adam Bello Launches Campaign For Monroe County Executive

Rochester, NY - Before hundreds of enthusiastic supporters, Adam Bello announced his candidacy for Monroe County Executive this morning, launching a campaign that will call for long overdue change to County Government.

Bello, who has served as County Clerk since 2016, was flanked by his family, Congressman Joe Morelle, dozens of state and local elected officials and community and labor leaders at the Workers United Labor Hall in Rochester.

"I am running for County Executive because I believe our community needs a government as good as its people. It's time to choose a new way - one that lifts people up, fosters an environment where every family can grow and thrive," said Bello. “In the coming months I look forward to making the case that we can do better in Monroe County, and that our best days are best ahead."

Bello pledged to bring a unifying, inclusive approach to County Government, one that seeks creative solutions to address hard problems on behalf of taxpayers. This practical leadership has been the hallmark of his tenure as County Clerk, where he has transformed the office to deliver a better return for Monroe County taxpayers, while addressing pressing issues such as the zombie home crisis that has plagued communities through New York. As Irondequoit Town Supervisor, Bello changed the paradigm of what residents are to expect from Town Hall. Bello stood up for taxpayers by terminating the rotten tax agreement at the former Medley Centre, something his predecessor had claimed to be impossible.

"For too long, our county administration has stood for only one thing: a do-nothing approach to governance," said Congressman Joe Morelle. "We deserve a County Executive who unites us, who uplifts us, and who puts the community’s best interests ahead of their own political agenda. I know without hesitation that Adam Bello is that leader, and I am so proud to support him."

“Monroe County has suffered long enough under the leadership of a Republican Party whose values are out of touch with the needs of our hardworking families, and who place more importance on sound bites than sound governance," said Assemblymember Harry Bronson. “It’s time for new ideas and new leaders, and Adam Bello is the right candidate for Monroe County Executive. I look forward to supporting Adam Bello’s candidacy and encourage anyone looking for real results to do the same"

Assemblymember Jamie Romeo added, “Monroe County has a rich history, full of leaders who pushed our community forward. Adam Bello will bring a vision to Monroe County, a vision to bring our community together and restore faith in government's ability to create positive change in our community. Now is the time for bold leadership to take on our collective challenges, and I am confident that Adam Bello is tested and ready to lead.”

For the past several weeks, Bello has been meeting with local Democratic Committees, and has since secured the requisite number of votes to be the Democratic Party's nominee for County Executive. The Monroe County Democratic Committee will meet on February 13th to formally endorse Bello's candidacy.

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